How to Choose a Good Mouse Trap

A mouse is a small creature but very problematic to deal with when it gets into your home. The very moment you see a mouse in your home, what appears on your mind is the loss it is likely to cause and the best means to get it out, you feel like smashing it and get rid of it as fast as you can. However, this may not be within your strength. The best way is to get the best mousetrap. Below are the factors you should consider when buying a mouse trap. Also, check out the  best mouse trap review for useful info. 

The first aspect is snap traps. These traps offer a quick solution of trapping as well as killing a mouse that invades your home. The trap does not require any poison but a peanut butter to entice the mouse. These traps have a very sensitive coiled spring which snaps into action thereby killing the unsuspecting mouse as soon as it starts to nibble the bait. The bait is designed in a way that needs you to be in a hidden place and needs to be out of children and pets reach.

The second tip is organic rodent spray. This is perfect in case you want to eliminate a mouse without resorting to killing the mouse. Organic sprays such as the Pest Soldier Organic Rodent Spray comprises 100% essential oils that provide you with a sweet smell, but the mouse cannot withstand its smell or taste. The spray does not require one to clean the mess afterward but in the case many mice invade, one will need to keep re-applying.

The third tip is live traps. These traps are a humane way of trapping a mouse without having to kill them, and a number of them can catch more than one mouse. You only need to put some bait in a cage. Once a mouse enters, the door slams shut and seal the mouse inside. Then, you can free the mouse in an area away from the residences. Since you do not want a bad smell from rotten mice, you have to keep checking the trap. Read up on the  best mouse trap

Thirdly, consider glue traps. These traps have strong adhesive glues that firmly stick the mouse until you dispose of them. The traps can be placed anywhere but not in the dust, or it will be ineffective. They kill the mouse by starving them to death and require to be often checked to avoid odors in your home.

The last tip is electronic mouse traps. These can be powered either by electricity or batteries and electrocute a mouse killing it instantly. Some traps indicate when a mouse is trapped in them. You can then empty the trash and dispose of the mouse. These traps are bulky and cannot be hidden, and the trap needs cleaning of the bad smell. Check out this smart mouse trap: